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In today’s market, determining honest market value and concealed costs related to merger and acquisition activities, dishonest salesmanship, and state and federal regulation can make the RFP process complicated and risky. To help you avoid the pitfalls, we distill your IT needs (hardware, software, services and telecommunications) into a document that’s perfectly tailored to your organization and understood by the vendors.

To maximize the power of our clients’ RFPs, XR Technical Consulting takes the following steps:

Executes comprehensive project assessment
Determines project scope, costs and ROI
Recommends best-of-breed vendors for project
Develops custom RFP templates and procurement documents
Manages entire RFP process
Develops and delivers a scorecard of the RFP responses

Request For Proposal

How can XR Technical Consulting’s RFP Management process benefit you?

Security & Compliance

Technology Road-Mapping

Lifecycle Management

Sourcing & Procurement

Contract Negotiation

Project Management Field Services