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Identified $62,000 a month in erroneous billing for one client.

$7.9M Saved

Saved financial services holding company $7.9 million over three years.

$631K Recovered

Recovered a total of $631,341 for one client by negotiating contracts and uncovering billing errors.

Our business is fundamentally based on a regional model. Over the years, we had become highly fragmented in terms of agreements and services. That’s why we chose XR Technical Consulting. They provided end-to-end customer service value and the kind of industry knowledge we needed, from specific billing in rural geographies to emerging technologies. We moved from having nearly 50 telecom providers to one nationwide provider with only a handful of exceptions, and enjoy the same services with better cost and more consistency.

Vice President of IT

“Often, the biggest brands aren’t the ones delivering the best customer experience and value,” Wiggins says. “Our company was proof of that. XR knows the data and telecom players — big and small — and provided us with options and recommendations that could bring the most value to our company.”

Rocky Wiggins, CIOAirTran Airways